• The Grass-Fed Revolution Is Here—

    And we want you to be a part of it! Here are five great reasons to partner with Tallgrass Beef…

    1. Demand For Grass-Fed Beef Is Growing—America's out-of-control obesity problem. Beef recalls due to E. coli and other diseases. Books like the best-selling The Omnivore's Dilemma. These and other factors have combined to make grass-fed beef more and more popular. In fact, the demand for grass-fed beef is expected to grow 20% a year for at least the next several years, and your customers will likely be part of the group demanding grass-fed beef as an alternative. Tallgrass Beef has the resources to help you meet that demand.

    2. Demand For Tallgrass Beef Is Growing—Founded in 2005, Tallgrass Beef is now one of the best-known names in the grass-fed, grass-finished beef industry. Thanks to the efforts of legendary broadcaster Bill Kurtis, our Chairman and Founder, the Tallgrass Beef story has been told in dozens of magazine and newspaper articles, TV interviews, and speeches across the country. Our products have also received glowing reviews in The New York Times and New York Magazine, just to name two. Tallgrass Beef is easily one of the most recognizable brands of all natural grass-fed beef available today.

    3. Our List Of Partners Is Growing—Tallgrass Beef already has partnerships with several prominent restaurant chains, national foodservice cooperative Topco, and nationwide superstore Costco. We are a safe, stable, vibrant company. When you partner with us, you are assured that we will be able to supply the beef you need.

    4. Our All Natural Grass-Fed Beef Is The Best Available—Our producer protocols are extensive. We select only the finest cattle, genetically suited for grass-based beef production, and use ultrasonic technology to find the animals that will provide the best possible beef. We guarantee that your customers will find Tallgrass Beef products to be among the best they have ever tasted.

    5. Our Products Are Backed By Solid Marketing—We are constantly working to raise awareness of Tallgrass Beef. Bill Kurtis makes well-publicized appearances across the country to tell the Tallgrass Beef story. We are also communicating the many benefits of Tallgrass Beef through several advertising and social marketing venues. When you partner with Tallgrass Beef, you will have the benefit of all we do to make the public aware of the health benefits, environmental benefits, animal rights benefits, and great taste of our products. We will also work with you to customize menus, packaging, point-of-sale materials and so forth to provide optimal support for restaurants or stores selling Tallgrass Beef products.

    If you represent a restaurant, grocery store, foodservice institution, retail distributor or cattle producer that would like to sell our products, we would like to hear from you. Simply select a category below to go to the appropriate web page.

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