• Tallgrass Beef Company strongly advocates Healthy & Humane Care for all livestock in the Tallgrass program. We have strict standards in place for animal handling and husbandry that all Tallgrass Farmers and Ranchers must adhere to. These standards include factors such as excellent living conditions, abundant nutrition and clean water supply, animal health and well being, sound handling methods and facilities, safe and efficient animal transportation, hazard reduction and sanitation, and humane handling at the processing plant.

    Tallgrass Beef Company follows humane handling standards developed by the world's foremost authority on animal behavior and animal welfare, Dr. Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin's humane handling practices are noted globally and lauded for their effectiveness in keeping livestock healthy, safe, and protecting their well being. You can view details of Dr. Grandin's standards on her website at www.grandin.com.

    In addition, Tallgrass Beef Company adheres to the Food Alliance certification criteria for Healthy & Humane Care for Livestock. The Food Alliance is a nonprofit organization that certifies farms, ranches, and food handlers for sustainable agriculture and facility management practices. The Food Alliance program assures consumers are supporting safe and fair working conditions, humane treatment of animals, and good environmental stewardship. They have the most comprehensive certification program for sustainably produced food in North America. For further details please refer to the Food Alliance website at www.foodalliance.org.

    Dr. Allen Williams, Ph.D., COO of Tallgrass Beef Company

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