• The cattle raised by Tallgrass Beef Company are specifically chosen to be the best possible animals for grass-based beef production. Our experts have spent years searching the US cattle population for beef cattle that are genetically suited to our needs. Tallgrass personnel have traveled tens of thousands of miles, ultrasounding and measuring seedstock cattle, collecting actual performance data, and looking for traits like adaptability, longevity, and fertility in the lineage of each bloodline.

    Our research led us to cattle populations with old-line genetics, produced by breeders who refused to follow the trends and fads of each decade but instead stuck faithfully to the foundation of beef cattle breeding. These breeders knew that cattle selected for adaptability, longevity, and fertility would work in any situation and in any decade. They utilized the science and art of linebreeding to concentrate the traits of superior common ancestors in their seedstock. Any cattle expert can tell you that a carefully crafted and executed linebreeding program is necessary to produce bloodlines that exhibit consistency and uniformity of desired traits generation after generation.

    Tallgrass Beef Company continues this tradition by producing seedstock cattle that meet or exceed stringent standards for performance in multiple trait categories, including exceptional maternal ability, fertility, longevity, and adaptabilty. These seedstock cattle were produced through carefully selected matings, combining the best dam and sire genetics that exist. Each individual is backed by generations of stringent linebreeding, selection, and proven performance in the traits that count.

    The results speak for themselves, as Tallgrass cattle produce the best, most delicious 100% grass-fed beef you can buy.

    Dr. Allen Williams, Ph.D., COO of Tallgrass Beef Company