• At Tallgrass Beef, we use DNA TraceBack® from IdentiGEN to provide a reliable and accurate traceability system for every cut of our beef. Every steak, roast and pound of ground beef can be traced back to the family farm or ranch where the animal was raised. As a company, this allows us to provide the highest possible quality assurance regarding our products. As a consumer, it is your guarantee that the beef you are buying is 100% domestically produced and comes only from our trusted suppliers.

    Our founder, Bill Kurtis, has this to say about our use of DNA TraceBack: "I started Tallgrass Beef with the idea of raising cattle the way they should be. Including DNA TraceBack is the final step in the process. It is our assurance that we stand behind every piece of meat, and every product claim we make. Anyone can talk the talk. With DNA TraceBack, we are walking the walk."

    Our ranchers also welcome the use of DNA TraceBack. Allan Waddell, a rancher from Emelle, Alabama, told us, "I am proud of my ranch and what I produce for Tallgrass Beef. That is why I believe DNA TraceBack is such a valuable tool. What I like about it is that it relies on the unique DNA of every animal, which is nature's bar code."

    DNA TraceBack was developed in 1996 by a group of geneticists from Ireland's Trinity College. The system is widely used by European retailers, including Tesco, Superquinn and Dunnes Stores, to verify product authenticity and country of origin as well as manage food safety. The company now operates its North American headquarters in Lawrence, KS. Additional information about IdentiGEN can be found at www.identigen.com.

    IdentiGEN's DNA TraceBack system is an approved USDA "Process Verified Program" (PVP). PVP designation signifies that the USDA has verified the IdentiGEN system as a consistently reliable program in which meat processors, meat producers, retailers and consumers can have confidence. There are currently 36 approved USDA Process Verified Programs. Additional information can be found at http://processverified.usda.gov/.