• Tallgrass Beef Company is spreading the word about responsible cattle-raising and beef production practices through our DVD, Beyond Sustainable, produced in conjunction with Wide Awake Films and Kurtis Productions. It explores how Missouri couple Greg and Jan Judy use beyond sustainable practices to achieve a new level of cattle production that benefits the animal and the environment. Below is a series of behind-the-scenes photos taken during the filming of Beyond Sustainable.

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    Greg Judy explains the benefits of healthy soil and its impact on grasses and cattle health.
    On the Judy farm, recovered pastures are teeming with a variety of plant life.
    Earthworms leave castings that are an important part of topsoil production. This leads to better grasses and cattle nutrition.
    Greg and Jan Judy inspect a recovered pasture and see the benefits of high-density grazing.
    Greg Judy exposes rich topsoil from a pasture that is never treated with chemicals.
    Cattle on the Judy farm are treated with the utmost care.